About Us

“High quality standard yet affordable”

 Your Genuine Value is dedicated to producing high quality beddings especially made for adorable infants. Also, to help the amazing moms and dads who find ways to give luxurious comfort to their children at a very affordable price.

Why choose “Your Genuine Value”?

From the name itself “Your Genuine Value” it reminds us how we should value ourselves no matter our status is. The mission of "Your Genuine Value” is to give high quality product that equals your value.

While, “Yummy Goodies Vanity “is a product of a creative mom who had a picky eater child. The most common struggle of moms is how they can make their children eat vegetables, this problem becomes an opportunity to the mom who creates and owns the YGV.  She started to make bento for her child to offer different types of healthy food and eventually her child learned to eat vegetables. That makes her think to help other moms by selling them Yumbox, a non-leak lunch box perfect for bento. It is a super kid friendly bento box with kid’s balance diet food.  Then, to be able to prolong the life of her bento she started to sew her own waterproof and insulated box in a flat position and thought of selling it too.  Yummy Goodies Vanity mission is to provide a delightful and high-quality product that helps the parents to feed their children with joy in eating nutritious food.

Want to know more about the Super Mom behind Your Genuine Value and Yummy Goodies Vanity?

Ms. Riza raised her two beautiful kids named Yuan Gavin ("Yuan") and Ysabel Gianna ("Gianna") only by herself because his husband is an OFW. She is the creative owner of Your Genuine Value and Yummy Goodies Vanity. Her inspiration in establishing Your Genuine Value and Yummy Goodies Vanity is her children and her experiences in life as a mother raising her children alone who strived hardest to provide her children better lives.  

Ms. Riza is a hands-on momtrepreneur, she herself is the sewer and the whole operations in-charge, her passion for her work truly reflects on the quality of YGV products.  She also loves to inspire mothers like her to fight for their passion while nourishing their children at the same time from her personal experience through social media, on her personal IG account @ygv.momma